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Naheed Din

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I am a personal trainer specialising in: resistance training, body sculpting, core stability and nutrition. Working with clients around their desired outcome using a systematic and a structured, well-balanced training and nutritional programme.
I previously worked as a Project manager in the city. I gave up work to start and family and after having three kids I decided to follow my dreams of becoming a personal trainer. I apply my management skills when working with clients on their ‘fitness goals’  centred on individual life-style. With 15 years experience in training and fitness it’s a pleasure to be able to work professionally in the field.
I work with my clients by motivating and influencing them to maintain their ‘fit’ programme. I offer progress reports to clients on a timely basis. 
My training and exercise programmes are tailored to accommodate each individual needs and my consultations are detailed taking notes on all aspects of health, body and lifestyle then focusing a programme aimed to reach target goals. 
So if your ready for a fitter and better you, get in touch! :) 

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